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A face in the crowd


With this weeks photo challenge I had a little fun with filters.


2018 bucket list

I was inspired by a fellow blogger to do a list for myself. Her’s is so cute and funny I hope to live up to it.

  1. stick my toes in ocean water on a sandy beach
  2. go zip lining
  3. binge watch x-files
  4. do yoga 5 times a week
  5. go to a play
  6. make homemade pasta
  7. play golf with my hubby
  8. drink one more glass of water everyday…. tea counts!
  9. send a letter to a random address and wait for the response
  10. stomp grapes
  11. take a roda trip
  12. buy a stranger coffee
  13. cook dinner once a week
  14. try very hard not to buy new shoes
  15. go on a movie date with my mom
  16. join a new wine club
  17. go to disneyland
  18. get another tattoo
  19. stay overnight in san francisco
  20. plan a girls night at my place
  21. go for a walk in the rain
  22. learn to build a rabbit snare
  23. go camping
  24. learn portageese
  25. make a home made cherry pie
  26. make candles
  27. learn to can
  28. get another stamp in my passport
  29. say yes to everything for a day
  30. meet a famous person or at least some one I admire
  31. take a moment to really listen to church bells ringing
  32. watch a musical with my pa
  33. organize the garage
  34. meditate
  35. cut my hair- This is a hard one for me. I have had the same hair since high school.
  36. grow tomatoes
  37. complete 3 paintings
  38. go see live music
  39. make the bed everyday
  40. learn to make home made tamales
  41. read a classic – not listen too – read
  42. go to a museum
  43. canoe
  44. buy some stock
  45. choose to skip whenever possible
  46. build a bird house
  47. go thur the penny jar looking for old hay pennies
  48. go rock hounding
  49. get a facial from a spa
  50. spend a whole day, from when I wake up till it’s bed time, watching disney movies

Haw! Even if I complete half of these sillies I will be happy.