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yes please

The Ledson Winery is a gem in the Sonoma Valley AVA. We love this winery and visit it often…… resulting in lots of fantastic wines for our fridge!

Today we opened a 2013 Ledson Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Reserve from the Alexander Valley. This is not an everyday wine, we are celebrating, so we opened something special.

The color is a deep garnet and glows beautifully in the light. It has a subtle nose of wet earth, on the palate it is rich, smooth juicy fruit. The finish is tobacco and velvet. We made the right choice for our celebration, this wine was superb.




a wine tasting afternoon

Today we spent the afternoon at the Ledson Winery aka  The Castle. The property is spacious with lots of picnic tables out under beautiful live oaks. It also boasts 2 huge fountains for wishing and several parlors inside to sit and enjoy food from the deli on site.

Our pourer (as i know not the official name for that job, but will ask next time I’m out) was a sweet young lady who’s name is Annah. She was friendly and very knowledgeable.

She started us with the 2015 Sonoma Coast ‘Estate Vineyard’ Pinot Noir. The nose is spring time cherry, the palate is silky plums with a finish that is a bit of ‘press run’ juice and very smooth.

Our second taste was the 2014 Redwood Valley Carignane. The nose is fruity, strawberry  the palate its more fruit and silky. The finish is yet again fruity with a bit of spice. I liked this wine very much.

Next up was a side by side tasting of the 2014 Redwood Valley ‘Ricetti Lane’ Zinfandel & 2013 Russian River Valley ‘old vine’ Zinfandel from Amy’s Vineyard . So much fun. i love the doing side by sides or even just opening a bottle and pouring 6 glasses and tasting one every 20 minutes. sooooo fun to play with wine!! On this tasting I enjoyed the Amy’s Vineyard better. Both are delicious however. The Ricetti Lane Zin had a warm berry nose the palate was earthy spice with a clean herb finish. The Amy’s had a cranberry, spice nose on the palate it was smooth fruit like velvet the finish was earthy and complex.

Lastly we enjoyed (off menu) the 2014 Sonoma Valley ‘Estate Vineyard’ Cepage.  The nose was a beautiful light floral on the palate ripe fruit and plum and the finish was bold yet smooth. This wine is completely sexy. My favorite of the day.




A Royal Zin

Ledson Winery is the  castle in Sonoma Valley. It was originally built as the family residents but changed direction and in 1999 it officially became a winery.

Today we opened a 2014 Russian River Valley Reserve Century Vine Zinfandel.

This wine is a beautiful bright garnet in color. The nose is sweet raspberry. On the mouth its smooth and sexy. It starts with notes of soft leather and warm spice and finishes all delicate oak and velvety.

I enjoyed this wine right out of the bottle… altho my second glass was much better as the wine had a little time to open up and become more complex and wonderful.