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Cheeseburger in paradise

Today we found ourselves in the beautiful town of Healdsburg, CA. This town is just fantastic to tourist in. It has so many shops, tasting rooms, art galleries, and restaurants you could spend a whole week here and still miss something.

We picked the Healdsburg Bar and Grill for our lunch stop. I started with a Pomegranate Lemonade. It’s a hand crafted cocktail made with vodka, pomegranate liqueur, and fresh lemonade. It was very refreshing and tasty. My choice for lunch was the BBQ Burger. It was cooked perfectly and had a smokey BBQ flavor. The BBQ Sauce was smokey, spicy and tangy all at once, and was quite delicious. It was served with pepper jack cheese and beer battered onion rings. I would totally order this burger again.



Salt and Stone

This restaurant opened in December 2017. It’s new so we wanted to check it out and it recently had a wonderful write up  in our local paper.

We went for a quick happy hour bite. The cocktails are hand crafted and I couldn’t choose between ‘The Ruby’ or ‘The Blood Orange’ martini. I asked the Barkeep, Zack, to make my choice. He picked ‘The Ruby’. It’s made with grapefruit vodka and of course grapefruit juice. This drink is crazy good. It’s tart and sweet and completely delicious.


For our bites we tried the calamari, BBQ oysters and the Chef’s special cheese & charcutier plate.

The calamari was nicely seasoned and crisp. The sauces served were a classic cocktail and a harissa aioli. The aioli was killer. It was tangy and sweet with a spicy finish.

The BBQ oysters had a lovely smokiness. They were served with a mango relish and when you put it all in one bite, it’s out of this world goodness.

The Chef’s special was a steal at only $6. Every bite was better than the last. With so much on the plate I was able to eat it in any combo I could image.


I had a wonderful time watching the bar fill up with patrons and watching all the food we did not order be brought out of the kitchen. When we visit again I will of course order the Chef’s special cheese plate and also a glorious looking burger.



Occidental Eating

The small town of Occidental looks and feels like a movie set. It’s tucked away in the forest and when you are there you feel far, far away from everything else. It is a magical place to visit, peaceful and uplifting.

Negris has been a family restaurant in Occidental since 1943. The bar was remodeled and renamed recently now known as Joe’s Bar. We stopped in for a bite and a cocktail.

I ordered the Bloody Mary. First off I liked that the bartender asked if I had a vodka preference, because I do. Thank you for asking. The drink had a nice tang and not to spicy hot finish. Nothing about the cocktail stood out, with the exception of the bar keep. She was attentive and sweet with an ever ready smile.

My snack choice was a cup of creamy polenta with mozzarella and bolognese sauce. The polenta was creamy, but lacked salt. The meat sauce was out of this world. Obviously a tried and true recipe that has been perfected over the decades. Combined in a cup with the mozzarella it made a heavenly snack. A

I was unable to finish my serving and asked for a To-Go container. I was impressed. It sealed all the way, I was unafraid to put it in my hand bag. A+


Adventures at Underwood

Underwood Bar and Bistro is located in the tiny town of Graton, CA. It’s a quant place with just a Main Street running thru…. but OH the food! The foodie, food, food yumminess!

Upon being greeted by Annie, the smiling bar keep, and reading both sides of the locally inspired hand crafted cocktail menu I choose the Pomegranate Cooler. It was well balanced, clean and crisp with a refreshing tart finish. I really enjoyed this drink. B+

For my starter I ordered Kumamoto oysters from Oregon. They were creamy and fresh. B

My Main Corse was a Special of the day. Grilled Hanger Steak Sandwich with balsamic roasted red onions, fontina cheese, arugula, dijonaise, sourdough, and frites. The plating was simple and neat. The sandwich was built with all the ingredients in mind to showcase the fullest flavors. The beef was cooked to a pink medium. It was all cheesy, onion, beefy goodness. A

I was also served a house made ketchup for the fries. It was very good. Smokey, tangy with a zing at the finish. B