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Valley Ford, CA

Sunday is a great day for an afternoon drive and todays destination, Valley Ford. Valley Ford is a tiny town on the coast of Northern California. I would guess that more cows live there than people, a farming community and very beautiful.

Dinucci’s  main building is 110 years old and has an old time feel to it with the slanting floors and the hap hazed floor plan. Super rustic and very cool.

The restaurant has been serving family style italian food since 1939. The menu is filled with options and made for a difficult choice…. mine was the Chicken Parmigiana. A boneless chicken breast served with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. It came with soup and salad.

The soup was delicious. The tomato and spices were balanced and the spaghetti noodles were a nice change. The house salad was served on a chilled plate and very yummy.

My Chicken Parmigiana was killer! It was welled cooked with the tomato acid soooooo good, I over ate. I love cheese, and the cheese was pooled around the chicken. I was so happy with this dish. My to go bag was bulging with delicious food. Yum for me!





zazu lunch date

zazu kitchen is located in The Barlow. An eclectic shopping experience in Sebastopol CA. We love visiting this town, it has a small town feel with lots of extra art and hippies. So much fun to stroll thru the Barlow eating and shopping and tasting wine.

Today we stopped in at zazu for lunch. We started with a Hurricane to share, it is served in a pail and was made with rum and vodka. It had a yummy punch flavor and a nice tart finish.

Next up an order of wings. They were cooked perfectly, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The sauce was super tasty with a tart, sweet smokey flavor.

For my main course I had to have the Black Pig Bacon Hot Link served on a pretzel bun. I am 100% positive I will order this again. The bun size is perfect and was toasted. The Dog had a nice char and crunched when bitten into, but oh so juicy on the inside. The sauce was tangy and good and the pickled onions added a nice bite.

Sadly, because every bite was so good, I ate everything leaving no room for desert. Next time.

Pall O Hurricane. mmmmmmm
Korean Fried Chicken Wings
Black Pig Bacon Hot Link


Jenner CA

River’s End is a tiny restaurant right on the mouth of the Russian River.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a drive and picked this beach front restaurant as our lunch stop.

All I wanted was an order of fish and chips. It was on my mind the whole drive. I had never had the fish and chips here and was nicely surprised. The Rock cod was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. It was crispy on the out side and buttery melt in your mouth inside. The sauce was classically done, no surprises. The pickle tho… that thing was killer. I truly think it was the best thing on my plate. Not knocking the Cod, it was delicious, I ate all 3 pieces. It’s just the pickle was insanely good.

For dessert the Barkeep, Sara, suggested the Chocolate/Cardamom Ice-cream. Truly I should devote a whole blog entry to this ice cream. It was the best ice cream I have ever had. The texture was silky, smooth, sexy, velvet, unbelievable. I didn’t know it could be like that! The chocolate flavor was present on the front with the spice finishing up. I highly recommend the ice cream. A+++++++++ (wink) I have already asked my husband if we could go back this weekend just for the ice cream. He said ‘we will see.’




tex wasabi

Today’s adventure found us at Tex Wasabi’s. This place is located downtown Santa Rosa CA. I love living in this town there is so much to do and eat!

For our drink we ordered a half Bowla called ‘Shark Attack’ made with Sauza Blue 100% Agave, Bacardi O & 151, Agave & Citrus. Honestly we should have order a whole Bowla, we were just too chicken. Next time. This drink is very good. It is sweet, tangy and smooth on the palate with a tart finish.

I guess we were in the sharing mood because for our order we split the House Smoked BBQ Sample Platter. It is brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken two sides (slaw and beans) and a roll. Holy heck it was a lot of food. Totally ok for us to have split. The ribs were supple and smokey and had nice char. The brisket and pork melted in my mouth and were tender goodness. The chicken was smokey and moist. On all the protein the same BBQ sauce was used, it was good with a spicy finish. The slaw was creamy with good acid and a nice cilantro surprise. The beans were smokey sweet.

We also split dessert. An order of Deep Fried Twinkies (yup 2 of um)! These things are crazy fun to eat. The batter was light and airy and they were served with a strawberry sauce and melted chocolate. delicious.

Jackson’s Bar and Oven

Today our adventure brought us to Jackson’s Bar and Oven. It’s a casual, upscale dining experience. Besides the usual restaurant ambiance it has a kick ass kitchen bar and wood fire oven for extra yumminess.

My cocktail of choice today was ‘Kicked in the Nutmeg’. It’s a glorious Eagle Rare Bourbon & Disaronno Amaretto drink with orange juice, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, and Nutmeg. WOW! It is citrus and warm spice, clean and tangy sweet on the palate. This is a delicious drink, so much so I had 2.

For my starter I had an order of the Oysters. I was super impressed with both sauces. The Shallot Mignonette sauce had a hint of jalapeño, surprising me, but in a happy tasted bud way. The Cocktail sauce also had a nice surprise with a hint of horseradish. Sooooo yum. I order Oysters a lot and I must say these 2 sauce are fantastic.

For my main course I ordered the Reuben. I have had this sandwich before, it’s just so good, I had to have it again. The bread had a nice toast to it. The flavor was well balanced I could taste every ingredient. The amount of meat on this sandwich is crazy! Just sooo much meat, and oh so yummy. I was super happy to have this sandwich again. Next time I promise to order something different, not because this sandwich is ungood, quite the opposite. It’s just if I don’t make this promise now, I know I will reorder it. It is just that good.