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A non-burger

In our neighbor hood the hang out spot is Carmen’s Bruger Bar. The restaurant makes a great burger, salads, and mexican food.

We stop in frequently for a quick bite and a beer. Today I ordered the Spicy Chicken Burrito. The plating is so colorful. I love the tri-colored corn chips! The blue ones are the best! The burrito was a great size, I took half of it home. The chicken was shredded and the spiced just right to not over power any ingredients. I really love cheese and this burrito had a good amount. The order came with sour cream, pico-de-gallo, and guacamole. The guacamole was very tasty and the amount was generous. The spicy finish was well balanced, so yummy, it made my upper lip sweat a bit. Burrito yumminess!!


Burger Bar. Oh Yeah!

Carmen’s Bruger Bar is the neighborhood burger joint . It’s a great place to stop in on the way home from work and grab a drink while waiting for a to-go order when you are just to tired to cook.

We ate in that afternoon, and watch some basketball on the 2 TV screens.

I ordered the Green Chile and Jack Burger. The plating was true to the place, classic burger joint. The bun was toasted yet soft. The protein was cooked perfectly but a little under seasoned. The burger size was just right to the buns size. The amount of cheese was amazing, I love cheese, it was melting over the edges and ooooooy goooooy.  Every bit was flavorful. B+

The Onion Rings were crispy and had perfect breading to onion ratio. The dill pickles were crunchy and nicely tart.



This place is great for yummy food with no fuss.