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this weeks photo challenge was a hoot!




pink flowerpink flower

I came across these lovelys on my walk this morning. Both are so beautiful I couldn’t pick a winner for my bright spot, so, I choose pink. Now both qualify for the bright spot! Haw! Don’t worry, my lameness is not contagious. Hope today brings you a pink bright spot too. cheers.

Backyard Gem

Today’s bright spot.

Backyard Gem~
new growth in january

I think this whole thing is beautiful. I love seeing the new growth pushing up. I love the water drops on the plant. I enjoy spending time in my backyard so much and it’s always rewarding to find these quite bright spots on a busy afternoon.


The challenge this week is weathered . I immediately knew it had to be Zin.

The Zinfandel has a black skinned grape. It is planted in 10 percent of Californias vineyards. The most sought after plants are well over 100 years old, being able to use the term, century vine. If the plant is younger (40 years or more) then the term old vine is allowed. The Dry Creek AVA , in Sonoma County, is known for having plants well over the century mark and is where this photo was taken.

The strangest fact to me is that white zinfandel sell are 6 percent higher across the US than a regular zin. hmmmmmmm


What does the word weathered bring in mind to you?


Occidental Eating

The small town of Occidental looks and feels like a movie set. It’s tucked away in the forest and when you are there you feel far, far away from everything else. It is a magical place to visit, peaceful and uplifting.

Negris has been a family restaurant in Occidental since 1943. The bar was remodeled and renamed recently now known as Joe’s Bar. We stopped in for a bite and a cocktail.

I ordered the Bloody Mary. First off I liked that the bartender asked if I had a vodka preference, because I do. Thank you for asking. The drink had a nice tang and not to spicy hot finish. Nothing about the cocktail stood out, with the exception of the bar keep. She was attentive and sweet with an ever ready smile.

My snack choice was a cup of creamy polenta with mozzarella and bolognese sauce. The polenta was creamy, but lacked salt. The meat sauce was out of this world. Obviously a tried and true recipe that has been perfected over the decades. Combined in a cup with the mozzarella it made a heavenly snack. A

I was unable to finish my serving and asked for a To-Go container. I was impressed. It sealed all the way, I was unafraid to put it in my hand bag. A+