Merlot, I love you a lot

I know I have said this before, but Merlot is my favorite grape. I just love a well built Merlot. A good wine maker will bring out all of the juicy fruity goodness of this grape and I am in heaven.

Today we opened a beautiful Merlot from Hook and Ladder Winery. The winery is named in honor of a San Francisco firefighter and the tasting room is filled with tee-shirts form firehouses would wide.

Today we opened a 2014 Estate bottled Merlot from the Los Amigos Ranch located on Chalk Hill Road, Russian River AVA. The color of this wine is a lovely garnet. The nose is all cherry and fruit, it smells just like it should and made my mouth water immediately. On the palate it’s jam and berries with a clean smooth finish. This wine is a match to my palate. I love it. I wish we had bought more. Looks like a winery visit is in our future and more Merlot, lots lots more!


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