Jenner CA

River’s End is a tiny restaurant right on the mouth of the Russian River.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a drive and picked this beach front restaurant as our lunch stop.

All I wanted was an order of fish and chips. It was on my mind the whole drive. I had never had the fish and chips here and was nicely surprised. The Rock cod was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. It was crispy on the out side and buttery melt in your mouth inside. The sauce was classically done, no surprises. The pickle tho… that thing was killer. I truly think it was the best thing on my plate. Not knocking the Cod, it was delicious, I ate all 3 pieces. It’s just the pickle was insanely good.

For dessert the Barkeep, Sara, suggested the Chocolate/Cardamom Ice-cream. Truly I should devote a whole blog entry to this ice cream. It was the best ice cream I have ever had. The texture was silky, smooth, sexy, velvet, unbelievable. I didn’t know it could be like that! The chocolate flavor was present on the front with the spice finishing up. I highly recommend the ice cream. A+++++++++ (wink) I have already asked my husband if we could go back this weekend just for the ice cream. He said ‘we will see.’




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