tex wasabi

Today’s adventure found us at Tex Wasabi’s. This place is located downtown Santa Rosa CA. I love living in this town there is so much to do and eat!

For our drink we ordered a half Bowla called ‘Shark Attack’ made with Sauza Blue 100% Agave, Bacardi O & 151, Agave & Citrus. Honestly we should have order a whole Bowla, we were just too chicken. Next time. This drink is very good. It is sweet, tangy and smooth on the palate with a tart finish.

I guess we were in the sharing mood because for our order we split the House Smoked BBQ Sample Platter. It is brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken two sides (slaw and beans) and a roll. Holy heck it was a lot of food. Totally ok for us to have split. The ribs were supple and smokey and had nice char. The brisket and pork melted in my mouth and were tender goodness. The chicken was smokey and moist. On all the protein the same BBQ sauce was used, it was good with a spicy finish. The slaw was creamy with good acid and a nice cilantro surprise. The beans were smokey sweet.

We also split dessert. An order of Deep Fried Twinkies (yup 2 of um)! These things are crazy fun to eat. The batter was light and airy and they were served with a strawberry sauce and melted chocolate. delicious.


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