Disney trivia night, until we meet again.

Tuesday was the last installment of Disney Trivia Night at Fogbelt Brewing. I have to say right now that it was more fun than I imaged and I have a good one of those! I attended all 3 of the Disney trivia nights this month and am looking forward to more.

I started with a flight, based on my love of porter. I was served ‘Paradox’ a black lager, ‘Hyperion’ a red ale, and ‘Federation Giant’ a Irish stout. The lager was light on the palate with a bit of burnt caramel. The ale had a nice citrus note and a pine/earthy finish. The stout was all malty yumminess with a creamy finish, by far my favorite.

It was Happy Hour, so they had sliders on the menu. I love tiny food, I ordered 2. One a classic meatloaf and the other a turkey sandwich called ‘Free Bird’. On both sliders the buns were soft and toasty and perfectly matched to the protein size. The meatloaf was well spiced and chef made a nice char to the patty. The sauce was tangy and made for a great sandwich.  The ‘Free Bird’ was oh so good. My first bite was a bit spicy for me, the sauce is Sriracha cream cheese, but once I added the pickle to the sandwich it was perfect. I will be ordering the non-happy hour version next time.

As for the actual event and staff. I can not say enough. They are friendly and welcoming. The staff kept up a fast pace all evening with a smiling attitude. The Host dressed as a Disney Princess and was entertaining all night. Our team took second place again and I am sooooo proud of us. It was a great 3 week Tuesday night out that I hope to repeat sometime soon.



Team photo with Arial

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