Pub Trivia

Tuesday evening I was able to participate in a Disney Trivia Night. Soon much fun.

The event was hosted by Fogbelt Brewing in Santa Rosa, CA. The place was packed. I arrived at 5pm for a 7pm start time and there was no place to sit. After a bit of finangeling we were able to get a table next to the fire place.

The Trivia host was on a level of ridiculousness that is just amazing, and next week for the finale he has promised Cinderella.

I need to explain right now that I am a huge Disney fan. On a scale of 1 to 10, five being a normal human, I’m a 8 1/2. That said, I have been spending hours trying to absorb lame facts just to gain a non prize. I have been having a blast!!! This experience is just crazy. I have meet strangers that were kind and welcoming, been out solo and survived, and placed second in a large group of people who would identify themselves as  hard core Disney fans.

The beer I ordered was tasty. I had the Hyperion Red. The color was a deep red. It was nicely balanced with a bit of citrus and the finish was strongly hoppy.

For dinner I ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich. I enjoyed it very much. The chicken was well spiced and very crispy. It came with fries that honestly stole the show! The fries are fantastic! Whole dish B+

Fried Chicken Sando from Fogbelt Brewery
Fried Chicken Sando
Hyperion Red Ale from Fogbelt Brewery
Red Ale yum

I would never have guessed that this would be something that made me laugh so hardily. I have thoroughly enjoyed Trivia Night and will forever look into the future of more.


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