Second Saturday

On the second Saturday of every month I have a breakfast date with my Mom. It is something we started years ago and will continue forever.

The most beautiful thing about this standing date is, that at least once a month, we see each other. Life is so busy, taking care of a home, winning the bread… that spending time with your family sometimes gets lost. Writing this on the calendar, at the start of the year, is so empowering. It’s making time with my best friend no mater what!

We always meet at Macs at 7:30am. All our friends and family know about the date and are encouraged to join us. Sometime they do…. the more the merrier! I love eating here. The food is alway great and the staff have been there for years and feel like friends.

This morning was a bit different in that I ordered a strawberry pancake with whip cream and strawberries on top. I know, strawberries in January, but I was craving something sweet. My breakfast was so yummy! The cake was fluffy and light. The chef made a custom order for me by cooking strawberries into the cake! So very unique and thoughtful.

I had a wonderful breakfast and a fantastic visit with my mom.


I’m grateful to have this monthly social with my Mom. The time spent is minimal but the value is priceless. Do you have any plans with your immediate family or friends that reoccur? Weekly? Monthly? Annually?



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