This photo tells a ton about my life. It’s obviously just a dirt patch being leveled by a tractor with a lone white rose to challenge it.


I spent 19 years working at that dirt patch, before the owner of our dealership built us an amazing new building and asked us to move over a million dollars of auto part into it….. but that is another story.

I would drive by every weekday, on my way to the new building, watching the old one be brought down bit by bit. Watching the tractors, the cranes, do there work. It’s surreal to see a place you spent that many years worth of life walking into be torn down and the land leveled.

The day I saw the rose was inspiring. It said, to me, everything changes, grows over time. Somethings get torn down. Something are better. Somethings are worse. Somethings are never the same. Sometimes it’s years worth of your life, feeling like it’s being torn down and ruined…. But that rose continued to push it’s way up.

It is growing and living, living despite the change. Growing thru the change, not allowing change to end its book, just adding a new chapter. It didn’t give up. It is stronger than the tractors or anything else that wants to bring it down. It’s strength is not giving up, but continuing to be. Rising up thru the dirt patch. Living. Growing. Being a rose, simple yet so powerful and inspiring me.

Inspired to grow


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