Jackson’s Bar and Oven

Today our adventure brought us to Jackson’s Bar and Oven. It’s a casual, upscale dining experience. Besides the usual restaurant ambiance it has a kick ass kitchen bar and wood fire oven for extra yumminess.

My cocktail of choice today was ‘Kicked in the Nutmeg’. It’s a glorious Eagle Rare Bourbon & Disaronno Amaretto drink with orange juice, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, and Nutmeg. WOW! It is citrus and warm spice, clean and tangy sweet on the palate. This is a delicious drink, so much so I had 2.

For my starter I had an order of the Oysters. I was super impressed with both sauces. The Shallot Mignonette sauce had a hint of jalapeño, surprising me, but in a happy tasted bud way. The Cocktail sauce also had a nice surprise with a hint of horseradish. Sooooo yum. I order Oysters a lot and I must say these 2 sauce are fantastic.

For my main course I ordered the Reuben. I have had this sandwich before, it’s just so good, I had to have it again. The bread had a nice toast to it. The flavor was well balanced I could taste every ingredient. The amount of meat on this sandwich is crazy! Just sooo much meat, and oh so yummy. I was super happy to have this sandwich again. Next time I promise to order something different, not because this sandwich is ungood, quite the opposite. It’s just if I don’t make this promise now, I know I will reorder it. It is just that good.



Salt and Stone

This restaurant opened in December 2017. It’s new so we wanted to check it out and it recently had a wonderful write up  in our local paper.

We went for a quick happy hour bite. The cocktails are hand crafted and I couldn’t choose between ‘The Ruby’ or ‘The Blood Orange’ martini. I asked the Barkeep, Zack, to make my choice. He picked ‘The Ruby’. It’s made with grapefruit vodka and of course grapefruit juice. This drink is crazy good. It’s tart and sweet and completely delicious.


For our bites we tried the calamari, BBQ oysters and the Chef’s special cheese & charcutier plate.

The calamari was nicely seasoned and crisp. The sauces served were a classic cocktail and a harissa aioli. The aioli was killer. It was tangy and sweet with a spicy finish.

The BBQ oysters had a lovely smokiness. They were served with a mango relish and when you put it all in one bite, it’s out of this world goodness.

The Chef’s special was a steal at only $6. Every bite was better than the last. With so much on the plate I was able to eat it in any combo I could image.


I had a wonderful time watching the bar fill up with patrons and watching all the food we did not order be brought out of the kitchen. When we visit again I will of course order the Chef’s special cheese plate and also a glorious looking burger.



share your world – my week one

If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose? Why?

The Emporium an Disneyland. I am a HUGE Disney fan and would just go crazy, as in absolutely bonkers for a spree like that.

What is the worst thing you ate recently?

I had onion rings that tasted like they spent the whole day in dirty fry oil! Yuck!

Name five things you like watching…

Chopped, The X-Files, Big Brother, Guy’s Grocery Games, & Survivor.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I try and look for something positive everyday, so my shining moment of the past week had to be spending time with my mom. We painted.

thank you Cee for planing these challenges. I am totally enjoying it!!!

Disney trivia night, until we meet again.

Tuesday was the last installment of Disney Trivia Night at Fogbelt Brewing. I have to say right now that it was more fun than I imaged and I have a good one of those! I attended all 3 of the Disney trivia nights this month and am looking forward to more.

I started with a flight, based on my love of porter. I was served ‘Paradox’ a black lager, ‘Hyperion’ a red ale, and ‘Federation Giant’ a Irish stout. The lager was light on the palate with a bit of burnt caramel. The ale had a nice citrus note and a pine/earthy finish. The stout was all malty yumminess with a creamy finish, by far my favorite.

It was Happy Hour, so they had sliders on the menu. I love tiny food, I ordered 2. One a classic meatloaf and the other a turkey sandwich called ‘Free Bird’. On both sliders the buns were soft and toasty and perfectly matched to the protein size. The meatloaf was well spiced and chef made a nice char to the patty. The sauce was tangy and made for a great sandwich.  The ‘Free Bird’ was oh so good. My first bite was a bit spicy for me, the sauce is Sriracha cream cheese, but once I added the pickle to the sandwich it was perfect. I will be ordering the non-happy hour version next time.

As for the actual event and staff. I can not say enough. They are friendly and welcoming. The staff kept up a fast pace all evening with a smiling attitude. The Host dressed as a Disney Princess and was entertaining all night. Our team took second place again and I am sooooo proud of us. It was a great 3 week Tuesday night out that I hope to repeat sometime soon.



Team photo with Arial