Finding a bright spot

Life is fleeting. It’s made up of positive and negative experiences. How you react and respond to these experiences shows insight to who you are. You pick your own spots, bright or dark? Are you negative or positive or a little of both?

I try my hardest to be the positive type. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a total jerk, and thats OK to. But being positive is a choice I make for a positive life style. If I am smiling, its great! If I make others smile, its wonderful!! So finding a bright spot is important to me.

I have a few guide lines I use when picking my bright spot ( I hate to say rules, because I’m a rule breaker ).

  1. It should cost no money.
  2. It should not be a person or other living being.
  3. make sure to change it up.

Thats it!

Give it a try. I know it’s silly, but, I bet if you try you may surprise yourself at how much fun it is and how it adds a smile to your day.

My bright spot today was spending my morning walk at spring lake regional park. I love living in Sonoma County. IMG_3279

lets get started

Today is day 1 of my blog. I am doing it for a lot of reasons, but mainly, I think it will be fun… and as I stated previously I have a passion for all things fun. My goal is to show you, my guests, just how awesome Sonoma County is, and, if you can make everyday count, just how amazing life can be. I will make sure to keep my focus on food, wine, and travel. Sometimes tho I will be adding other things I find entertaining. I can’t wait for this adventure to begin….